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Lobby - Kitchen_005h.JPG

Commercial Rental

TVC, Online Videos,TV Show, MV, Print Ads, Product Shooting,

Interview, Live Streaming, etc

Private Rental

Family/ Pets Photo Shooting, Gathering, Private Event,

Bridal/ Baby Shower, etc

Gathering Space

Functional Kitchen, TV,

Snooker Table, Mahjong Table,

Poker Table, Board Games

Stay Tuned

Family Photography

Small Family, Huge Group, Pets,

Personal Portraits, Graduation

Lobby - Kitchen_006h.JPG


Whether you are looking for a warmer look with wooden countertops or a modern, elegant touch with grey marble countertops, we have the simplest solution for you. Our countertops are easy to shift so that you can customize them to fit your needs.


The Lobby Studio is a modern studio venue rental space located in the heart of the city. We offer a professional and spacious setting for photography, videography, and event rentals. Our studio covers over 4,500 sq ft with 14 ft ceilings. Plus, we are conveniently located only a few minutes walk from the subway station. 


We also offer a pet-friendly atmosphere, so you can bring your furry friends along to capture those special memories. In addition, our fully functional kitchen allows you to cook up a storm and serve delicious meals to your guests. Whether you need a space to show your work or a place to shoot your next video, come and experience the possibilities!



6 Ft Tall Window

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